What We Do

The CCBF bails out defendants charged with one or more misdemeanors. The CCBF will post cash bail only, in an amount no greater than $2,000 for a defendant who is financially unable to post bail. We do not charge a premium or fee for this service. 

Once the CCBF bails out a defendant, we work hard to ensure that defendants return to court for all court dates, maintain or find work, and remain crime free. Whenever possible, the CCBF will partner the defendant with a CCBF mentor volunteer to assist the defendant with staying in compliance with the terms of his or her release prior to trial or settlement of the criminal case. 


The CCBF is authorized to bail out defendants whose case is pending in a court in Columbia County, New York.


The CCBF is wholly dependent upon donations from individuals and foundations for funds used to bail out defendants.