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President of CCBF Linda Mussmann with Professor Jay C. Carlisle II

Lawyer and Professor Emiritus at Pace University, Jay C. Carlisle, II, has given generously to the Columbia County Bail Fund.


Donations through the end of the year will be matched by up to $10,000 by The Redlich Horwitz Foundation.

Columbia County Bail Fund Launch at TSL Hudson

Videography by Udell Communications

"Under our constitution you're innocent until proven guilty, but if you're stuck in jail waiting for your day in court instead of at home with your kids or at work, chances are you may lose your job and custody of your kids even after one day behind bars, for a crime you may not have committed."

“Some defendants sitting in Columbia County Jail awaiting a judgment of guilt or innocence and too poor to make bail may receive a leg up because of a new charity bail fund organization.” – Read full article here.

“You can get arrested anywhere in the Hudson Valley and someone will get you out,” Tipograph said. “This is a very real thing about changing the culture and the nature of how courts work in this county and in other places.” – Read full article here.

Linda Mussmann
President, Columbia County Bail Fund